Name: Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams, Ph.D.
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA
Address: 5444 Rutherglenn Dr,
Houston, TX 77096-4032
Phone: 713-723-2918 (office) or 713-721-8906 (home)
Internet: sabrams613@yahoo.com
Homepage: www.maqom.com
Personal: Married, Husband: Steven Abrams, MD, Professor of Pediatrics,
Baylor College of Medicine. Three children, ages 16 to 21 yrs.
Ph.D. Jewish Studies, Baltimore Hebrew University, major in Rabbinic Literature with
minors in Bible and Modern Jewish History, Baltimore, MD, 1993.
Award: The Gedaliah and Chana Cohen Prize for General Excellence.
Rabbinic Ordination: Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati,
OH, 1985.
Awards: Simon Lazarus Memorial Prize for Ordination with highest academic
Mrs. Arthur Hays Sulzberger Prize in Homiletics.
Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn Prize for most effective educational or social
action project in a congregation.
Master of Arts (in Hebrew Letters): Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion,
Cincinnati, OH, 1984.
Awards: Mother Hirsch Prize for Noteworthy Master of Hebrew Letters, 1984.
B'nai Zion Gold Medal for Hebrew Proficiency, 1982.
Herman Snyder Prize for Academic Excellence, 1981.
Bachelor of Arts (with Highest Honors): Sociology/Anthropology, Oberlin College,
Oberlin, OH, 1980. Minor in Russian.
2001 present Faculty, Aleph Rabbinical Ordination (Smichah) Program
2002-2005 Adjunct Faculty, Siegal College of Jewish Studies
1997 Adjunct Faculty, University of Houston Law Center, 1997
1995 present Founder and Director, Maqom: A School for Adult Talmud Study
1994- present Associate, CLAL, The National Jewish Center for Learning and
1991 1995 Rabbi, Congregation Beth El, Houston, TX
1988-1991 Rabbi, Congregation Ner Shalom, Woodbridge, VA
1985-1988 Assistant Rabbi, Congregation Emanu El, Houston, TX
2005 Inaugural member of JERRI Wall of Honor (JESNA).
2005 Named A Woman of Courage (Hadassah).
2000 Named Senior Religious Advisor of the State of Texas.
1999 Awarded the Covenant Award for Outstanding Jewish Educator.
Highest award nationally for Jewish Education ($25,000).
1996 Yavneh Award for Distinguished Community Service by a Jewish
Educator, Jewish Federation of Houston, 1996.
1993 Named: A "Woman on the Move”.
1984 Lillian Miller Teacher Incentive Grant, Cincinnati Bureau of
Jewish Education.
American Academy of Religion
Association for Jewish Studies
Society for Biblical Literature
National Association of Temple Educators
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, Life Member
Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah
Jewish Women International, Life Member
Melitz Professional Advisory Board
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