Ruth Abrams' Eulogy for Her Mother

Delivered at the funeral of Rabbi Abrams on October 24, 2014

"Say Your B'racha"

Hello everyone:

For those of y'all who are here, you know my mom was the eulogy expert, not me. She was always one for conciseness; I mean, she would do a JEWISH wedding in 15 minutes, AND, start it on time. So, I will try to do this in her spirit. Time me! But to be serious, I'm going to try to do my whole life in her spirit. She was a passionate, kooky, accepting, intellectually driven person. Her thirst for knowledge was almost as big as her heart.

No matter what her struggle that day, when she taught she came alive. When I called later upset about a boy or school, she might not have gotten it right the first time (y'all know my mom was notoriously tactless), but when it really, really mattered, she knew exactly the right thing to say.

And though this is a very sad day and mother had a lot more left on this earth to do, I implore you to treat this death as you would that of a 90 year old, who had seen many grandchildren. My mom had health struggles for years. I'm very very very grateful I had 20 more years than I should have had with my mom, and had the chance to learn and to grow from her.

I'll miss her advice and opinions constantly, but I'm so so darn grateful to have known her at all. I hope it comforts you, as it does me, that she had accepted death and was ready to go. I kept telling her that I wasn't ready. And that is the truth. Maybe we aren't ready to let go of the shining unique beacon my mother was. But if we live our lives as she would have wanted us ("KEEP STUDYING YERUSHALMI", "VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN", "TIP OUTRAGEOUSLY"), and with her generosity of spirit, it won't go out.

So, in conclusion "SAY YOUR B'RACHA."

Washing the Body
Anonymous Artist
Washing the Body
Oil on canvas
Circa 1780s
The Jewish Museum in Prague

Rabbi Abrams' Funeral

Rabbi Abrams' funeral was held on Friday, October 24, 2014 at Congregation Beth Israel in Houston, Texas.

If you are interested, you may listen to the entire funeral service.

The eulogies delivered by Rabbi Abrams' daughters, Ruth and Hannah, can be found at approximately 11:30 into the recording.